The Proof Is in Your Pants

The Proof Is in Your Pants

Orgasm is one of the most intense and satisfying human experiences, and if you have ever had an orgasm – and almost all men have – you will not need to have it defined.

You may already have experienced multiple orgasms. Surprising as this may sound, many men are multi-orgasmic before they enter adolescence and begin to ejaculate. Kinsey’s research suggested that more than half of all preadolescent boys were able to reach a second orgasm within a short period of time and nearly a third were able to achieve five or more orgasms one after the other. This led Kinsey to argue that “climax is clearly possible without ejaculation.”

But multiple orgasms are not just limited to prepubescent boys. Kinsey continues: “There are older males, even in their thirties and older, who are able to equal this performance.” In Fundamentals of Human Sexuality, Dr. Herant Katchadourian adds: “Some men are able to inhibit the emission of semen while they experience the orgasmic contractions: in other words they have non-ejaculatory orgasms. Such orgasms do not seem to be followed by a refractory period [loss of erection], thereby allowing these men to have consecutive or multiple orgasms like women.

Why do most men lose their ability to be multi-orgasmic. It is possible that for many men the experience of ejaculating, when it happens, is so overwhelming that it eclipses the experience of orgasm and causes men to lose the ability to distinguish between the two. One multi-orgasmic man described the first time he ejaculated: “I still remember it clearly. There I was orgasmic as usual, but this time a white liquid came spurting out. I thought I was dying. I swore to God that I would never masturbate again – which of course lasted about a day.” Since orgasm and ejaculation generally occur within seconds of one another, it is easy to confuse them.’ To become multi-orgasmic, you must learn (or possibly relearn) the ability to separate the different sensations of arousal and to revel in orgasm without cresting over into ejaculation. Understanding how orgasm and ejaculation are different will help you distinguish the two in your own body.

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